Zafiropoulos Vinegars was founded in 1979, though its founder Panagiotis Zafiropoulos' involvement with vinegar making goes long back. In the mid-Fifties, he was fascinated by how vinegar was produced from wine in his grandfather's pantry. Later, as an adult, he experimented with vinegar making at amateur level. When he decided to further pursue his hobby as a career, he was taught the secrets of the art as an apprentice to an old, seasoned vinegar maker, before establishing the first production unit at Palaio Faliro, Athens.

It soon became evident that the unit was too limited to cover the ever-increasing demand for the company's products. In 1983, production moved to new, privately-owned facilities at Pikermi, right at the heart of Attica's vineyard region. Thus began a course of continuous growth and development, which is reflected in the company's significant share in the vinegar and condiment market, while more specialized products, including Balsamic Vinegar with Honey and Balsamic Vinegar with Pomegranate, come first in their respective categories.

1999: The company's productive capacity increased when four automatic vinegar fermenters were installed. At the same time, the company started exporting to Europe.

2001: The first balsamic vinegars under the PAN brand appeared on the shelves of Greek supermarkets.

2005: For the first time in the Greek market, Zafiropoulos Vinegars launched its Balsamic Cream, bringing a whole new category of products to Greek consumers.

2010: The production line became fully automated when three independent production lines were installed.

2012-2013: The company entered the quite demanding markets of Canada, Russia and the United States.

2015: PAN Lemon Cream, a sauce that is still unique in its category, was launched into the market.