Premises - Production

Premises - Production

Our premises cover an area of almost 108,000 sq. feet, while the fully vertical production method prevents fluctuations in product quality. Special importance is attached to the choice of raw materials, which are always sourced from independent local producers and local cooperatives. Always investing more and more in equipment and technology, Zafiropoulos Vinegars also remains an industry leader when it comes to protecting the environment.


Like any other product in the company's range, PAN vinegars are produced by natural fermentation, without any human or chemical intervention.

Crossflow filters

Zafiropoulos Vinegars was the first Greek company to use crossflow filters for the filtration of PAN vinegars. Using this method, the final product comes out clear and does not need to be pasteurized; therefore, the complexity of its fragrances and flavors is preserved.

Quality Control laboratory

The production procedure is controlled daily in a systematic way. Controls are performed by the company's specialized personnel as well as external accredited labs.


With four independent bottling lines employing cutting-edge technology, you may rest assured that PAN products will be in perfect condition on your table. These lines also allow different types of packaging, which cover a variety of needs.